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best resource for a dry writer

I come from a STEM background, so my writing is, naturally, incredibly dry. I came across the article through the power of Google. However, I needed a little more specificity to know where to even start so I bought the PDF/book. I have to say, it is one of the best investments I have ever made and one that I will continually use as I navigate through more graduate admission cycles in the future. In a full day, I was able to fabricate an outline and a first draft that I was very impressed with. I reached out to him on Reddit and quickly received some amazing feedback.

It is my writing but I never thought my SOP or personal statement could be this good. Buying the PDF is extremely worth it. Do not underestimate this resource!!!

Thank you Jordan!

Adil Muhammad

A Master of His Craft

As an editor myself, I recommend Jordan’s services without hesitation. Naturally, I’m very particular about my writing, but I immediately knew Jordan would help me hit all of the points I wanted to cover. Jordan took my SOP from good to stellar in a matter of days, and his turnaround time is unparalleled. I must admit, the final product is next-level – well beyond what I thought I was capable of producing.

Importantly, Jordan doesn’t rewrite the SOP for you, but asks clarifying questions so you can communicate your goals in your own authentic voice. With Jordan’s guidance, I was able to restructure my SOP with elegant paragraph- and sentence-level transitions. We worked together to refine the language until it was laser-focused, discussing subtle linguistic nuances that would be most precise. Jordan asked if his revisions felt right to me and always gave me the final say.

My writing process is never linear, but Jordan tactfully informed me when I veered off track, while humorously reminding me of my skills and qualifications – a true mentor. I appreciate that he didn’t deliver empty criticism, but took the time to explain why a different approach would be more effective. Jordan also gave me the space to express myself, each time responding with a point-by-point analysis of my thought process. His level of dedication is unmatched.

The SOP was an extension of my identity, and Jordan helped me articulate my life’s purpose with conviction – it was quite a self-actualizing experience. He is a brilliant editor and I am happy to call him a role model!


“Structure is Magic” is magic

The guide (hopefully) changed my life (I will apply in December, fingers crossed). I shudder to think how bad my SOP would have been without it. Even if I don’t get my dream admits, I am confident that it has made me a much, much better writer.

Anvay Shah


The guide was good for a beginner. As someone who didn’t even know how to begin, this guide came in so handy! Worth every penny.


this guide is gold

I decided to buy the guide after reading Jordan’s article online. The guide is thorough but not too long– perfect for writing an original, convincing statement of purpose. I’m confident there is nothing else like this guide available online (I’ve looked online dozens of times for advice and always find myself going to back to this guide).

Thank you!!

Joseph Cifelli

I see Jordan’s helpful posts

I see Jordan’s helpful posts on Reddit all the time. I just wish I had found his guide (well worth the $10) sooner. It makes a very convincing and logical explanation why pretty much any other help you’ll find readily accessible online for SOP guidance is garbage. The script allows you to ‘plug n chug’ your essay so that once you’ve put the time into following and filling out the provided questions, you’re already pretty much done with your essay.


I found Jordan through Reddit, now choosing between Harvard, Columbia, and Penn!

I found Jordan through Reddit, and although he already had a packed schedule, he offered to read my SOP (a total stranger) just for the sake of helping me out. I was a bit nervous since I hadn’t written in a while and was unsure of how to approach the graduate application process as a whole, but meeting Jordan was a total game-changer.

Jordan not only responded the same day that I reached out but had a ONE DAY turnaround in terms of giving feedback for my SOP. He quickly pinpointed the main problem of my SOP and gave me detailed, concrete, actionable tips on how to lean it out and make it laser-focused. Since my writing was initially pretty meandering, he suggested that I shorten it by 20-30% and really dig into the “why” for my applications. I was cutting it pretty close to the deadline, but he made me feel confident that I could get my tweaks in just one or two more drafts. Jordan was very straightforward, provided much-needed clarity, and got into the nitty-gritty of what exactly I needed to do to get my SOP to a place where I’d feel comfortable submitting it.

His additional resources (the blog, Free SOP Starter Kit, and Structure Is Magic) were also incredibly helpful in my application process as a whole and really helped me confirm why I was even applying to grad school in the first place. Structure is Magic, which broke down sentence-by-sentence how to best present my personal and academic history in a way that helped me stand out from other applicants, was especially key in answering many of my questions about SOP writing. It was also pretty fun to read, a great purchase, and didn’t feel like work at all. Seriously, get it. The stuff works.

Thanks to Jordan, I’m now choosing between graduate programs at Harvard, Columbia, and UPenn. Who would’ve thought that a DM would get me here?

ZI ning

Well worth the cost!

“Structure is Magic” was well worth its cost. I had been going through a variety of online resources and brainstorming exercises. This yielded a wealth of ideas without a clear focus of what I was trying to convey. Following the structure transformed the SOP writing process into a manageable content strategy. I felt so much more confident/strategic about my statement of purpose than I did previously. Super grateful to have found it! (Spoiler alert, it was effective, and I just received an acceptance letter!)


Like many others, I vastly underestimated the graduate application process

Like many others, I vastly underestimated the graduate application process. I didn’t realize how much effort, research, and introspection was needed to provide a strong application. Every time I tried to work on my statement of purpose or personal statements, I didn’t know which direction I should take. The first few iterations of my statement of purpose were bland, dry, and list-like.

After browsing for resources online and on Reddit, I found that many recommended Jordan’s book “Structure is Magic.” This book provides a great structure for SOPs, the reasoning behind the essay structure, examples of essays, and many questions that will enable you to write a solid SOP. After reading this book, I wrote a complete SOP draft in two hours, and it was a drastic improvement from my previous iterations! However, I still felt that my essay was lacking. I enlisted other SOP editing services, but after reading their revisions, I felt that I just needed that extra push, but I couldn’t find it within me or from the help from other services. That’s when I decided to enlist Jordan’s guidance!

Although I thought my initial SOP was good, Jordan helped me improve it beyond what I thought was possible. Jordan helped restructure my essay by making it more descriptive and organized. With each revision we worked through, I felt more confident in being accepted by the universities I applied to. He left comments, edits, and questions that helped me write a strong SOP in my own words. Now that I look back at the initial draft that I submitted to Jordan, I am glad I reached out to him for his help.



To say I was lost with the whole graduate application process is an understatement. It also did not help that I underestimated the amount of time and effort required for a strong application. Looking for guidance/tips on how to approach my personal statement I turned to reddit. There, I stumbled on a post from Jordan which led me to purchase the Structure is Magic guide. This guide helped quite a bit with demystifying the SOP, but I was still not 100% confident, so I contacted WriteIvy and purchased the Comprehensive Master’s/PhD Editing service. I wanted someone to go over my SOP and point out flaws/refine it, but wanted the SOP to be in my words, Jordan went above and beyond. Quite literally blew me away with his edits. It was like he was reading my mind. I was definitely nervous about spending the money, but from looking at the night and day difference between my first SOP and the final one I submitted to the schools, I can truly say the service is worth every penny. My only regret is not starting the process sooner. Thankfully, throughout this whole process Jordan responded quickly and even reminded me of extra application requirements that needed to be completed. At the start of this process, I wanted to be able to say that I did my best. Now that all my applications are submitted, that is exactly what I can say and that is largely due to Jordan’s help.


It’s funny!

I was really struggling with where to start on my SOP. This book actually made me laugh while I was reading it and kept me engaged. Everything really makes sense and the ideas are so simple, anyone can write an SOP from this.

I am writing my SOP last minute, don’t recommend, so have been stressing about getting this done, and I was able to read the book and write my first draft in one day. If you are struggling, read this book.

Brittaney Bluel

I Was Worried About Writing

I was worried about writing an SoP – as a previous grad school dropout, I needed to show that the one grad course I took over 10 years ago wasn’t representative of my path now. Reading the book Structure is Magic and having a template made things a lot easier. My friends and family who helped review my first draft all said they liked how it read more like a story than a typical essay. UT Austin must have liked it as well, because I was accepted!


Mr. Jordan the Legend

My parents spent $700 dollars for an essay editor to help me and the essay was rlly rlly bad. All the reviews I got were like “oh just a few mistakes here and there and it should be good.” When I sent it to Mr. Jordan, he was the only one that saw the real flaw in the essay: the main idea was weak. I restarted an essay in 3 days and followed Mr. Jordan’s feedback and then sent it to my friends again. They were like, “holy, that’s 10 times better.” Honestly, I never thought that I had a chance at getting into my dream school but after Mr. Jordan helped me, I feel like I do now. Every person I sent my essay to was amazed by the story. True story: my friends didn’t believe I had a chance at getting into my dream school too because of my below-average grades but after I sent them the essay, they said that I do now. He gives insanely huge feedback and it’s very very helpful. I really recommend Mr. J because he’s the best to work with.

Abdul Alwash

MENTAL block gone

Having never written an SOP before, I was petrified by how daunting of a task it felt. “Structure is Magic” provided me a framework that inspired the confidence necessary to begin my graduate SOP essay. It gives me great excitement to say that after applying Jordan’s method, I feel secure that my essay will help set my application apart from my contemporaries – for the better of course!

Giulio D

Astrid (Columbia 2020)

Writing a good SoP was one of the most challenging parts of the application for me, especially with the fact that English is not my first language (I’m from Indonesia). But Jordan’s feedback was a tremendous help, always pointing me in the right direction and minimizing unnecessary revisions. I hope my story can be useful to other aspiring students as well!

BM (Georgia Tech 2020)

Having never written an SOP before starting my application, I had a general idea of what to write, but without any guidance, my first draft was very rough. Jordan managed to help me understand how to better focus my thoughts, provide a more structured outline to the SOP, and frame my SOP around what the program can do for my career specifically, rather than using broad platitudes.

Many thanks to Jordan for taking the time to help me put my best work forward!

Manny (Brown, Boston 2020)

BU and Brown! I got into both! Thanks so much for your help and guidance! I seriously feel like my personal statement was a large factor in my acceptances. Thanks again and I hope you and your family are safe during these crazy times.

Rea (UVA 2020)

I can’t say enough about Jordan and how much his coaching helped me. He took the time to get to know my strengths, and had really specific strategies to help me put together the best application possible. He really helped me craft essays that accentuated my personality and showed the admissions office that I’m more than just words on a piece of paper.

Joyce (Columbia, Penn, Johns Hopkins 2020)

Jordan is not only my mentor and guide, but also my partner. In fact, before I worked with Jordan, I didn’t have confidence and I didn’t know the exact direction of my application. But from choosing schools in the beginning of the process to writing essays, Jordan discovered my potential and constantly inspired me. He gave me timely feedback and helped me perfect every detail. He was always professional, efficient, responsible, and willing to listen to my ideas. Thank you Jordan for accompanying me on this wonderful journey and helping me to get the offer I wanted!

Sunny (Harvard, Chicago, Berkeley, Cornell, Rice, USC 2020)

Jordan is way more than an excellent writer himself. He is a brilliant coach who inspired my statement of purpose and thought process in only a few sentences. He taught me when to use touching narratives, how to insert powerful punchlines, and where to write academic and logical paragraphs. Based on my past experience, he helped me find a whole new perspective on presenting myself (and my story) in a mature, unique, and responsible way, without losing academic focus. I felt guilty sometimes only giving him half a day to give suggestions and help revise, but he is always highly responsive and efficient, and of course, never misses the deadline. I do have to say, I am a huge fan of Jordan’s language and style suggestions, which are elegant and precise.

Jing (Columbia, JHU, USC 2019)

Actually, it makes me so happy to recommend other students to Jordan. He is the best teacher I’ve ever known. He is a good partner, and a great teacher. Others should know this.

MZR (Duke, Brown, Columbia, Northwestern 2019)

What I like most about Jordan’s essay editing is that he inspired me to think deeply and from a unique perspective. He helped me organize my ideas skillfully and made my essay flow. Jordan helped me get admitted into Boston University when I applied for undergraduate admission. Four years later, I turned to him again for my graduate applications, and I got offers from Duke, Brown, Columbia and Northwestern University and finally chose Columbia.

Yao (Wisconsin-Madison 2019)

Thanks to Jordan for helping me with my essays! It is because of your careful guidance that I found my own shining points and embedded them deeply in my writing, so that I ultimately got accepted to my dream university, UW-Madison. Thank you very much!

Chenxi (Berkeley, Northwestern 2019)

I am very grateful to Jordan for his help with my essays, which helped me get the admissions offer I desired.


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