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A deeply intellectual statement of purpose can improve your chances of admission like nothing else. Let’s make yours so brilliant it shines, so you can submit with confidence.

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Statements of Purpose are bewildering, aren’t they? No one ever taught you to write like this. How can you know that you’re doing it right? That you’re writing everything grad schools WANT to see? How can you be sure that, in only two pages, you’ve shown how very hard you’ve worked and how much you’ll succeed if they admit you?

Take a deep breath. In the last decade, I’ve helped hundreds of students like you write SOPs that earned admission to the world’s best graduate schools. Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and more. PhDs and Master’s in Engineering, Biology, Art, you name it. Now, with patient guidance, I’ll help you write just as brilliantly as those students did. Together, we’ll guarantee you make no mistakes, and that your applications are the absolute strongest you can submit.

Together, we’ll show them that you deserve to be admitted.

No More SOP Fears

“A Master of His Craft”

“As an editor myself, I recommend Jordan’s services without hesitation. Naturally, I’m very particular about my writing, but I immediately knew Jordan would help me hit all of the points I wanted to cover. Jordan took my SOP from good to stellar in a matter of days, and his turnaround time is unparalleled. I must admit, the final product is next-level – well beyond what I thought I was capable of producing.

Importantly, Jordan doesn’t rewrite the SOP for you, but asks clarifying questions so you can communicate your goals in your own authentic voice. With Jordan’s guidance, I was able to restructure my SOP with elegant paragraph- and sentence-level transitions. We worked together to refine the language until it was laser-focused, discussing subtle linguistic nuances that would be most precise. Jordan asked if his revisions felt right to me and always gave me the final say.

My writing process is never linear, but Jordan tactfully informed me when I veered off track, while humorously reminding me of my skills and qualifications – a true mentor. I appreciate that he didn’t deliver empty criticism, but took the time to explain why a different approach would be more effective. Jordan also gave me the space to express myself, each time responding with a point-by-point analysis of my thought process. His level of dedication is unmatched.

The SOP was an extension of my identity, and Jordan helped me articulate my life’s purpose with conviction – it was quite a self-actualizing experience. He is a brilliant editor and I am happy to call him a role model!”

– Carlie, Rock Star Biomaterials Researcher

Let’s Talk About Who This is Really For…

You’re a student with no shortage of ambition who’s tired of feeling stressed about applications and is ready to write an SOP that reveals your true intellectual potential, justifies all the work you’ve put in, and launches your career as a high-achieving scholar.

Whether you’re…

You’re in the right place and I’m going to give you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to draft and submit essays that convince grad schools you’re their dream student.

Intensely Detailed 1-on-1 Feedback

Through back-and-forth questioning, I’ll help you clarify your thoughts and make sure you’re conveying your unique strengths in the most impactful way. Then, through surgical line-editing, I’ll suggest changes that enhance your style and make any reader think you’re a natural writer who’s fiercely intelligent and guaranteed to succeed in grad school.

By the end of this process, you will have…

How It Works

Step 1

After uploading your SOP to our online essay-editing platform, my team of essay experts and I will study your life and academic goals with so much focus, you’ll be amazed.

Step 2

In the first round of feedback, I’ll directly explain how to clarify your argument and structure your writing for the greatest possible effect, even giving you a new outline if needed.

Step 3

We’ll continue this process in later drafts, while I suggest line-edits that make your language more sophisticated and intelligent than you ever thought possible. It’ll still be your words, life, and insights, just polished to perfection.

Step 4

Finally, we’ll repeat this process until you’ve got shining final drafts that make you proud, boldly articulate your life’s purpose, and convince grad schools that no matter what obstacles you’ve faced in the past, you’re destined to be a huge success in grad school…and beyond.

“I can truly say the service is worth every penny. My only regret is not starting the process sooner.”

I wanted someone to go over my SOP and point out flaws/refine it, but wanted the SOP to be in my words. Jordan went above and beyond. Quite literally blew me away with his edits. It was like he was reading my mind. I was definitely nervous about spending the money, but from looking at the night and day difference between my first SOP and the final one I submitted to the schools, I can truly say the service is worth every penny.

– Angela, Medical Sciences

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